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Reablement when returning home from hospital

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It’s often difficult getting back to reality following a stay in hospital. Whether you’re recovering from an illness or injury, coming home and returning to your normal routine can be a slow and difficult process.

Depending on the person and the condition, it’s not always easy to determine how long it may take to recover and re-adapt to independent living. In several cases, it’s necessary to have a helping hand at home to support your recovery and assist with regular daily tasks.

Generally known as reablement, the service aims to provide the right level of help to allow you to regain your abilities, rather than simply having things done for you. Reablement is a vital service not only for individuals, but also helping to alleviate pressure from the NHS.

Increased pressures on the health service in recent times have often meant that rehabilitating aftercare becomes less of a priority. The importance of reablement, however, has led to a rise in the volume of home services available.

Reablement is a common service among elderly people, but it isn’t just for those who may be a bit more frail. A typically well and able-bodied individual may also require home assistance following a serious accident or strenuous injury that prevents them from carrying out certain basic tasks at home.

Helping with Reablement

At SureCare, we can provide home care services to people of all ages, whatever the condition. We know that getting back to normal may take some time, which is why we offer quality care workers who are able to provide temporary care for as long as takes.

Our reablement services provide you with a helping hand where necessary, but ultimately act to support you on your road to recovery and monitor your developing progress. With motivation and encouragement, we strive to help you regain your independence as quickly as possible in a happy and friendly manner.

Want to know more about Reablement services in your area? Find your local SureCare branch here to get in touch, or send a general enquiry to our head office on or call 01244 321 199.