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SureCare launches brand new website

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After months of ideas, planning and a fair bit of head scratching, the SureCare team are pleased to finally unveil our new-look website!

We’ve been in the process of revamping our web presence over the latter half of this year, coming up with some great ideas and making key decisions on the direction of our online material. Now that the finishing touches have been made, we just couldn’t wait to finally push the launch button and get our revamped website available to the public.

We actually have three separate websites under the SureCare banner to cover the three elements of our business:

  • Client care services,
  • Specialist recruitment, and
  • Franchising opportunities

Up until now, these separate websites have looked wildly different from one another, with little more than a logo tying them together as parts of the SureCare network.

When we looked at options to redesign our overall web presence, we decided to bring some consistency to these separate sites. As a result, the finished product unites them all with a common visual style, whilst including a few subtle differences here and there to establish each one individually. We’re still putting the final finishing touches to our Recruitment and Franchising sites, so stay tuned for those refreshed designs in the near future.

The new websites have been designed and developed in co-operation with Chester-based marketing agency Sutton Silver. Their vast experience in designing for the web allowed them to create a beautiful and modern design, while working with our existing brand.

The redesign isn’t just cosmetic, though. During the design phase, we discussed what’s known as ‘user-experience’. This basically means that the layout and structure of the websites make it easier for you to find your way around, so you find the information you’re after as quickly and as clearly as possible.

The technical details

As more and more people are accessing the web from different devices these days, it was absolutely crucial for our service to take this into account. We want you to be able to find what you need and get in touch as easily as possible, whether you’re on the couch with your laptop or using your phone on the go.

Utilising ‘responsive design’ technology, the website has been optimised to adapt to virtually any screen size. This means that whether you access SureCare on your phone, tablet or desktop computer, you’ll see the same basic stylistic elements, transforming themselves to fit to the appropriate screen size.

Another priority we highlighted for our refreshed look was to be able to manage the website’s content regularly, as this helps to reassure visitors that any news or information displayed is accurate and up to date. After all, we’ve all found it a bit frustrating going on a website, only to find that text and photos are irrelevant because they haven’t been touched for years!

Now we may not be the most technical people in the world, so the idea of updating the website content ourselves seemed a bit daunting at first. However, thanks to some excellent web development, the new website uses a simple system for modifying content as and when we need to. That makes it just as easy for us to update our online content as it is for you to see it!

Individual branches

The new website isn’t just about SureCare’s business as a whole. We wanted to make sure that customers nationwide could easily find detailed information on their local branches too. This led to one of the more exciting developments of our website project as a whole.

We’re thrilled to unveil that each SureCare branch now comes with its own micro-site, packed with information relating to any specific services and the personnel behind each area. These location-specific sites also adopt the same visual format as the main website, so they can be immediately identified as part of the SureCare network.

All in all, our goal was to make things easier for our web visitors, and we’re pleased to see the finished product doing what we set out to achieve. In keeping with our overall ethos of making life easier, we believe these websites will take the hassle out of finding what you really need.

Whether you’re looking for home care services in your area or hoping to join SureCare’s vast and growing network, we hope you’ll enjoy using our revamped websites.