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Improving quality of life at home for the elderly

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With many older people preferring to stay in their own homes for as long as possible, home care can be one of the most vital and affirmative ways to provide parents, grandparents and loved ones with a higher quality of life.

Around two-thirds of all home care services in the UK centre around the elderly, and this could begin to grow over time with life expectancy continuing to rise. Demand for home care is increasing as a result, and at SureCare we feel it’s our mission to provide not only the right level of care, but also to deliver our care services to the highest possible standard.

Our care workers know how difficult it can be and come face to face with numerous challenges on a daily basis. It’s learning from our previous experience that drives us to do our utmost to make things as smooth as possible, improving your loved one’s quality of life at home. Check out our approach for providing a reliable service on a case-by-case basis.

A comfortable experience at home

If there’s one thing we firmly believe when it comes to caring for the elderly, it’s that our customers feel most comfortable remaining in their own homes. By receiving care at home – whether from a live-in care worker or from somebody visiting at regular times – loved ones get to benefit greatly from remaining in familiar surroundings.

This reduces the worries and the hassle of moving to a care home or retirement home, which can potentially lead on to a sense of unfamiliarity. The main reason for home care being in such high demand is to reduce the need for moving away from where customers feel most comfortable, not just inside the home but also in their local area, surrounded by friends and neighbours.

Getting to know you

Before we get started, our care workers are dedicated to forming a warm and friendly relationship with those in need of care. We want to get to know all about you, your needs and any concerns you may have in order to establish the best course of action for providing a personalised service.

It’s not up to us to dictate how you receive home care. Instead, we love to nurture a relationship and understand likes, dislikes, habits around the home and mutual interests. Not only is it important for us to provide help for domestic and personal tasks, we feel it’s vital to offer conversation and companionship, particularly at times when loneliness may be a significant issue.

We’re firm believers in home care being a relationship-led service, and establishing a strong bond early on allows our care workers to tailor their services to suit you. At the end of the day, it’s not about us. We’re simply here to provide professional help to make life easier and more manageable for you at home.

Establishing a routine

Because we operate on a case-by-case basis, there is no set agenda for providing the best level of home care for the elderly. Once we get to know you, however, our care workers do their best to establish a particular routine of services and activities to keep on top of everything.

We believe that routines can have beneficial effects on those we care for as they create a sense of familiarity and stability, helping to reduce stress on both customer and care giver. However, we also understand the importance of flexibility in routines, so things don’t end up becoming boring and stale.

By sticking to particular aspects of the day – while also allowing for chances to break out of the monotony – we aim to deliver a unique service and a much-needed helping hand to elderly customers wanting to remain at home.