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How transferable skills can help you to find a career in care

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Many people often consider pursuing a career in care, but worry that a lack of relevant experience may hold them back. Here we take a look at how anyone with the right levels of determination, compassion and commitment can take the first steps to becoming a professional care worker.

Using various transferrable skills from a range of different backgrounds, you can look ahead to beginning a career in home care. By demonstrating certain skills and traits, all of these qualities can come in handy when carrying out the necessary care duties involved with the role.

Full training is provided, so the only thing you need to worry about is your ability to bring the professionalism, personality and organisational skills. From being a great listener to strongly empathising with those in your care, you can provide a high level of quality in the service you provide.

The best skills

Care work relies heavily on cultivating personal relationships with your clients. Because of this, your ability to be a real people person is well valued above all. The ideal care worker will be somebody who is friendly, approachable and capable of supporting others both emotionally and physically.

The job also requires a great deal of patience at times, especially as those you care for may be living with certain difficulties, like mobility issues. Taking care of personal hygiene is a considerable aspect of providing quality care, so while assisting in the shower or emptying and cleaning a commode may not be the most glamorous of tasks, they’re among the most necessary.

On top of your duties for one client, you will have various tasks to do for others elsewhere. Working to such time restrictions means that a high level of personal organisation is required. Alongside good timekeeping skills, the ability to prioritise tasks and keep up with daily reporting will help you to ensure your day-to-day work runs smoothly.

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If you’re thinking of beginning a career in home care but you’re not sure where to start, speak to SureCare today for more information on receiving professional training and to find your local SureCare team.

Click here to find your local branch and details of how to contact them. If you’re struggling to see a branch in your particular area, you can always get in touch with SureCare’s head office on 01244 321 199 or email to discover more about what it takes to join us as a care worker.