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Remaining positive as we become older

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It’s only natural that each and every one of us will age. As we journey further through life, both our physical bodies and the world around us experience significant changes, meaning we may begin to see some of our roles in society and abilities shifting over time.

Worries about the ageing process can include feelings of increased vulnerability, loss of independence and lack of purpose. While these are fairly common, it’s important to maintain a focus on the more positive aspects of growing older, like staying active, pursuing different interests and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

As we naturally move away from certain roles in our lives – whether in our work lives or parental responsibilities – we can often feel at a bit of a loss for what to do next. Being mentally prepared for the cycle of life, however, is all about being open to changes and using free time to rediscover activities you enjoy.

There are generally greater opportunities available to you, so that you can try out new things and meet new people. You may decide to try learning new skills, do some voluntary work or get involved with an interesting hobby. By engaging with various activities and social groups, you can keep feeling positive and active in the long term.

Appearances and physical health can also be sticking points we get hung up on in later life. Taking control of this with a healthy diet and regular exercise will undoubtedly support your mood. Your physical activity doesn’t have to be too strenuous – even just walking or stretching for a couple of 10-minute sessions each day can make all the difference.

Growing older occasionally has an effect on the mind, often causing us to feel as though we become set in our ways over several years. Not only can this begin to wear us down later on in life, but it also makes it harder for us to break out of the same routines and thought patterns we’re so used to.

Using mindfulness techniques and positive affirmations, you can help to take care of your mental health. It’s important not to sweat the small stuff or put too much focus on negative aspects. Instead, maintaining a positive outlook on yourself and world around you will ultimately prove to be the key to happiness in your older age.