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3 ways you can benefit from SureCare’s mobile crèche services

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One of SureCare’s most popular childcare services is to provide mobile crèche facilities for a variety of events and occasions.

Run by childcare professionals, our mobile crèches include a range of toys, books, games and specialist sensory equipment to entertain children of all ages and abilities in a flexible environment that is safe and secure.

This service can offer a single, temporary child-minding solution, giving busy parents peace of mind that their youngsters are looked after in all sorts of locations. Here we’ve outlined some of the most common events and situations that can benefit from using a mobile crèche from SureCare.


When it comes to a happy couple’s big day, many friends and family members will be hoping to share in the celebrations as much as they can. For those with young children, however, it can be a struggle to decide whether to bring them along or make alternative childcare arrangements.

By having a mobile crèche at the venue, parents can enjoy the daytime service and/or evening reception safe in the knowledge that their little ones are close by and well looked after. This is a particularly useful service when the wedding reception takes place in a multi-purpose venue – such as a hotel or social club – where various function spaces are available.

Family fun days and fêtes

One-off public events like fun days, fêtes and festivals may include specific children’s areas to keep youngsters entertained. Our mobile crèche service offers event organisers the opportunity to give parents a temporary respite facility should they wish to briefly explore stalls and attractions at their own speed.

As public events like this can become extremely busy, there’s even the possibility that a child could get lost. While that’s a nightmare scenario for any parent, a mobile crèche can provide some reassurance. The crèche can double up as a meeting point to ensure that the child is kept safe and occupied until their parent or guardian comes to collect them.

Gyms and spas

SureCare can also offer mobile crèche services to owners of gyms, spas and leisure centres on a longer term basis. This can benefit parents who are keen to focus on their fitness or sports training but may not have the flexibility to find their own childcare.

By setting up in an available space, our childcare professionals are able to offer crèche facilities to keep little ones entertained, allowing mum or dad to focus on themselves for a short time. We can also work with establishment owners to provide our services on a regular basis and at peak times to meet the ongoing needs of their customers.


To find out more about mobile crèche services in your area, click here to find your nearest SureCare branch and get in touch with your local SureCare team today.