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Why care compliance is important for you and us

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At SureCare, we’re committed to delivering the best quality care to our clients up and down the country. To achieve this, it’s important for our care teams to maintain compliance with industry standards across a range of key areas.

As one of the nation’s leading home care providers, it’s extremely important that we can demonstrate and maintain exceptional standards in everything we do. For our franchise teams throughout England, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) serves as the regulating body to ensure that all services are carried out in a safe and proper manner.

Not only does this allow SureCare to continue providing vital services, but it also ensures that you and your loved ones have complete confidence in us. By providing this peace of mind, you’ll be certain that you can depend on reliable and compassionate levels of care at all times.

Key points of concern

All of SureCare’s services are regularly inspected by the CQC, ensuring that levels of quality remain constant and consistently high. There are five main areas monitored by CQC inspectors, looking at how safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led our services are.

When exploring those five key questions, there are further key lines of enquiry to delve even deeper into each of our services and regional teams. Through this, the regulator thoroughly and comprehensively evaluates every aspect of our care, right down to the smallest of details.

This ultimately gives you the confidence that you and those close to you will always be in good hands with SureCare. On top of that, our care teams across the country also receive the confirmation that their hard work is recognised and independently endorsed by the national regulator.

Our commitment to you

We strive towards providing top quality care across a range of different services, aiming for consistently positive ratings across the board. There are four types of rating given by the CQC following inspection of a provider: Inadequate, Requires improvement, Good and Outstanding.

The majority of providers throughout the country fall within the ‘Good’ category, whilst a select few manage to reach ‘Outstanding’ status. Despite the difficulty in reaching this exceptionally high standard, we encourage all of our SureCare teams to achieve at least a ‘Good’ rating. This way, we can prove to ourselves and our service users that we operate as a safe, robust and compliant business.

Safeguarding vulnerable people is at the core of what we do day-to-day, and it’s through our regulated inspections and compliance with national standards that we show that commitment to you.