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Childcare services for those with learning difficulties

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Finding suitable care for a child with a learning disability can be a struggle since individual children will have their own unique needs and personalities.

Parents will know the ins and outs of their child’s situation and the necessary requirements involved in caring for them every day. But it can be a considerable concern when seeking out appropriate childcare to ensure that your chosen care worker will provide the right degree of assistance.

That’s why, at SureCare, we have many childcare workers who specialise in providing support in a variety of complex situations. Whether a child experiences difficulties in learning, communication or motor skills, our staff have the knowledge and experience in order to approach any potential challenges.

Exceptional personal support from SureCare

Our childcare workers have a great deal of expertise in supporting those with various different abilities and special needs. As each individual child is different, a big part of our service comes down to support workers getting to know and understand them and their specific requirements.

As an example, autism is such a wide-ranging condition that children on the autism spectrum can often exhibit different behaviours from one another. Similarly, cerebral palsy can impact individuals in different ways depending on its severity.

Our care workers take the time to understand a child’s unique care needs to deliver a suitable and effective care package. The level of support we give is also flexible to offer greater living assistance or more of a supervisory role to suit the level of independence a child may develop as they get older.

Childcare also offers respite for parents

Regularly taking care of a child with learning or motor difficulties is not only a tremendously important task, but it’s also an extremely demanding one. Depending on the level of care required, it can end up being a full-time job in itself, often forcing parents or guardians to sacrifice their day job and rest times to provide the right care themselves.

Every now and then, however, parents and guardians may need to take a little time away – even if it’s just for an hour or two during the week. This is where securing suitable care for their child becomes a vital aspect.

With the assistance of a childcare worker from SureCare, parents and guardians can benefit from having a bit of breather. Whether you need something as simple as an extra pair of hands at home or additional support for your child’s daily routine, our support workers are here to help in the best way possible.

SureCare is one of the UK’s top providers of home care, with over 50 teams nationwide bringing vital services to people in their local areas. To find out more information about childcare services available near you, find your local SureCare branch here.