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Preparing a home care or live-in care plan

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Receiving care services at home for the first time can feel like quite a big step. Whether it’s for yourself or for a family member, starting a new home care package could mean the need for a few small changes around the home.

In the beginning, it might feel a little invasive to have a care or support worker coming into your home. However, it’s important to remember that care services intend to enable a person to maintain their independence and make their own choices.

The aim of home care is to give you or your loved one complete control over the level of service you receive. After all, the comfort and satisfaction of service users comes first and foremost. This helps to reduce any feelings of uneasiness over another person coming into your home to carry out certain tasks.

SureCare provides a totally flexible service that can adapt to users’ personal requirements and preferences. Whether you only require help through occasional short visits or more of a hands-on service day and night, your completely tailored home care package is focused on your individual choices.

Flexibility in choices

When a care worker first enters your home, the initial concern may be about what to expect from their service. There is often the worry that a care worker may come in and get on with certain jobs in a way you’re not comfortable with.

That’s why we believe it’s important to get to know you and direct us on the priority of tasks and the way you prefer things to be done. By giving you the choice of what you’d like to eat or when you’d like to change, we respect your independence and aim to have a positive impact on your health and happiness.

Length and frequency of care

Depending on your needs, SureCare can provide home care visits or a live-in care worker for a more dedicated service. Where a typical care worker can spend a short period in your home to help you wash, prepare meals and clean up, a live-in care worker is able to offer a greater level of assistance at any hour.

The main thing you’ll need to prepare for with a live-in care worker is that they’ll need a place to stay. A spare room or guest bedroom is ideal because your carer will be staying in your home for up to several weeks, and this allows them to have their own space and privacy of an evening. A live-in care worker won’t be a permanent fixture, though, so make sure to mentally prepare for a different person coming in for a new shift.

Leading the conversation

Care workers aren’t just there to help with physical jobs for you or your loved one. They also provide moral support and a sense of companionship, which can often be difficult to hold onto as we get older. Whether you just need someone to listen or to engage in a meaningful conversation, a care worker from SureCare will aim to establish a strong connection with you.

When having a chat, it’s important to us that you feel comfortable and treated like an equal. We don’t want to step on your toes so we hope to create an environment where you feel comfortable leading a conversation and discussing with us the thoughts that are most important to you.

There are lots of things to think about as you prepare to receive care at home for the first time, and we’re aware there may be some concerns to begin with. Before starting a home care package, SureCare will be able to liaise with you personally to get to know you, your routines, rhythms and preferences. Through this collaborative approach, we hope to put you or your loved one at ease when making your preparations.

To find out more about a home care or live-in care service from SureCare, contact your local SureCare team here. If you’re struggling to find a SureCare branch operating near you, get in touch with our head office team on 01244 321 199 to see how may be able to help you in the future.