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Care services available for adults with special needs

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SureCare is able to provide tailored home care services to anyone in need of a helping hand. From those with chronic health conditions to those with physical or learning difficulties, we offer our support to young and old.

Whilst the majority of home care services in the UK help elderly people, additional support is available for people of all ages with special requirements. SureCare’s services are tailored to the individual, in order to help people at all stages of life’s journey, whatever their unique circumstances.

Living independently in the comfort of our own homes is a luxury we often take for granted. For those in need of extra support, home care workers can help with tricky tasks like meal preparation, administering medication and household chores to make daily life less of a challenge.

Staying a part of the community

In normal times, being an active part of your community is an important aspect for most. However, when it comes to those with learning difficulties in particular, community involvement has previously been quite rare. Thanks to the dedication of home care workers, adults relying on social care can continue to live at home, whether they live alone or with family.

Regardless of condition or background, everybody craves a sense of autonomy and independence. By supporting them in aspects where some assistance is required, we can help them to focus on their strengths in a comfortable and familiar environment. This also boosts positive mental health by removing the need to relocate to a specialist care setting.

Improving quality of life

Home care services from SureCare are highly flexible, because what’s effective for one person may not necessarily suit others. By assessing needs on an individual basis, we can tailor our services and levels of care to match a person’s specific requirements.

In turn, we believe that this improves quality of life for our service users, as they’re able to go about their everyday lives feeling empowered and fulfilled. Carrying out extra care duties where appropriate allows special needs adults to enjoy all aspects of life with family and friends.

Offering peace of mind

It’s not just the service user who benefits from home care services. Their family and friends also receive the peace of mind that their loved one is well supported. This is especially the case for younger adults who have lived with parents for a long time, but eventually transition to a more independent living situation.

SureCare also offers respite care services for those family members who act as full-time carers for their loved ones. This allows them to take a much-needed break from time to time, safe in the knowledge that a professional care worker is assisting with all the usual tasks in their role.

SureCare is dedicated to providing quality care services for people of all ages and abilities. To find out more about home care services in your area, contact your local SureCare team here.

Struggling to find a SureCare branch operating near you? Get in touch with our head office team on 01244 321 199 and let’s discuss how we may be able to help you in the future.