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A new career in care for the New Year

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For many people, January can be a time of reflection and taking stock of everything going on in our lives. Some may find themselves looking for new challenges, career changes or even a completely fresh start – particularly when it comes to supporting others.

One of the best ways of supporting people in the community is through personal care services. Whether formally or informally, many of us will find ourselves caring for a family member or loved one at some point in our lives. This is particularly the case for those with elderly parents or family members with a physical disability or learning difficulty.

Caring for a loved one at home is often one of the more overlooked jobs any of us can do. It takes a lot of time and energy to provide care for somebody else and is usually done entirely voluntarily. However, full-time jobs within the home care sector are regularly in high demand, especially in the wake of the pandemic.

Home care offers truly rewarding career opportunities whilst also massively benefitting and enriching the lives of those who require regular support. Providers like SureCare are on the lookout for more and more care workers as demand for services continues to grow throughout the country.

If you’ve ever considered embarking on a career in home care, now is the ideal time to make that change, whether you have previous experience in a healthcare setting or not. Transferable skills like strong communication, patience, compassion and a delicate hand will help you on your way to becoming a key care worker.

And what’s more, SureCare can provide you with full training to ensure all services are delivered to a highly professional standard. With various job opportunities available among our local care teams across the country, take a look at how a career in care with SureCare can be the right next step for you.

Why join SureCare?

Becoming a home care worker allows you to meet and build relationships with people from all walks of life. A typical day in the life of a care worker involves making visits to several service users in a local area as you deliver personal and domestic support.

Even before the pandemic, at-home care services have been in high demand. Now as we adapt to life alongside COVID, so many people across the country know the importance of providing friendly support to one another. For those working in the home care sector, delivering care is more of a passion than a job – putting others first and helping to make a significant positive difference in people’s lives.

As you’ll need to visit different clients in a timely manner and keep on top of their specific needs and routines at home, punctuality and strong organisational skills are essential. A service user’s priorities can also change quite quickly so flexibility is also key when it comes to adapting your approach to their care.

There will also be times when the job will produce significant challenges. Particularly when it comes to helping those with long-term health conditions, it’s important to keep a positive and upbeat attitude. Friendliness and even a good sense of humour go a long way in this sector, helping to put your clients’ minds at ease whilst you get on with the tasks at hand.

To find out more about how you can help support people from all walks of life as a SureCare care worker, find your nearest branch and check out the available job postings.

Alternatively, you can visit and search for care worker roles near you. Full training is provided by our SureCare operators across the country, so all you need is to demonstrate the key skills that you believe will make you a strong and suitable care worker in your community.