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The benefits of live-in care

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While regular home visits are effective at providing quality care to a loved one, there may be times when care appointments become insufficient to meet certain requirements. In this case, family members will want to look at care options that are available on a more permanent basis.

Many people naturally assume that the next step towards permanent care means that a move into a residential home is necessary. However there’s a step often overlooked, which actually allows those receiving care to remain in their own home with constant access to a care worker – live-in care.

At SureCare, we believe it’s our duty to provide the highest level of care for people in a way that suits them, whatever their needs, their background or their present situation. For some this may simply involve the occasional helping hand to assist with daily tasks or provide companionship, but for others we can offer live-in care workers who can provide support on a more permanent basis where necessary.

What is live-in care?

Live-in care is uniquely beneficial, capable of providing a round-the-clock service to those who prefer to remain living at home but require regular assistance. This service involves a professional care worker living in your home which means they are available on a full-time basis to carry out a wide range of care services, whatever the time of day.

Across the country, there are increasing cases where daily care visits are insufficient or required during unsociable hours to tend to the urgent needs of individuals. It can be a struggle to keep up with care visits under these circumstances, not only for the care workers themselves, but also because of the financial impact on families. It is at this point that a permanent alternative can be an attractive proposition.

How does live-in care differ from visiting home care?

As far as care duties go, there’s really no difference between the two. An extensive range of services – such as assistance with morning routines, general household chores and providing companionship – is central to the care that is given. Much like other home care services, live-in care is tailored to meet the needs of the individual, which may include special help when it comes to dealing with physical disabilities or mental health conditions.

With more and more people preferring to receive support at home rather than moving into residential care, live-in care is unique in being able to provide the best of both worlds. Home comforts like nearby friends and keeping pets can all be maintained, preserving that sense of independence and familiarity in one’s own surroundings.

The main difference is that unlike care visits, scheduled appointments and limited time slots aren’t really issues. Instead, live-in care allows an individual to have 24-hour access to a full-time care worker, offering peace of mind that any urgent issues can be addressed at any time. Because of the live-in nature of the service, the key requirement from a care worker’s perspective is the necessity to have their own space within the same property – usually a private bedroom.

How can live-in care be beneficial?

Live-in care can be offered on a permanent or temporary basis. This can be useful in cases where family members are away on holiday or require respite from their regular care duties. Short term live-in care can also help to provide companionship to somebody following a recent bereavement.

It’s not just the elderly who can benefit from live-in care. A younger person with a disability or complex living needs may be in need of a constant personal assistant. Having a dedicated care worker living in a family home can take the pressure off family members when it comes to round-the-clock care and attention.

SureCare teams across the country are offering live-in care to customers from all walks of life, and we’re proud to support people with their care needs, whatever the situation. To find out more about the services we can offer in a live-in home care package, click here to read about our home care.

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