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Government pushes for greater support and recruitment in the care sector

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Following the latest daily updates from the Government, SureCare is pleased to see the spotlight shining on social care workers and the care sector at this difficult time. Rapid action is still needed but progressive steps are now being made to address some of the concerns of care workers.

Over the last month or so, the country has pulled together (while mostly staying apart!) to applaud the incredible efforts of frontline key workers during the COVID-19 crisis. From NHS staff to delivery drivers, people across the nation have been clapping and cheering on our doorsteps to show our appreciation for vital workers.

Across the social care industry, however, some have expressed concerns that Government support for care providers hasn’t been high enough. This was a subject the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, was keen to address in the daily briefing on Wednesday (15th April).

CARE badge recognition

Mr Hancock acknowledged that workers and businesses in the care sector have long sought for greater unification to recognise the wide-ranging circumstances where social care is needed. This includes unpaid caregivers, those operating care homes and teams of remote care workers like SureCare provides.

In June 2019, Care England launched the green CARE badge as a unifying symbol of pride and quality in social care. The intention for the CARE badge would be to give it just as much prominence as the blue NHS lapel pin, in order to recognise the hard work of all care workers, whether or not they’re involved with the NHS.

With the Health Secretary now promoting this in the Government’s daily briefing, it’s hoped that the tireless efforts of social care workers across the country will not be forgotten or overlooked. He also advised supermarkets to ensure that care workers are treated on par with NHS staff when it comes to priority shopping times.

Additional plans for the care sector include increased COVID testing and even greater access to personal protective equipment (PPE). This will ensure the safety and wellbeing of both care workers and the vulnerable people they support on a daily basis. More information on these points is expected from the Government in the coming days.

Greater recruitment in care

One of the toughest challenges for the care sector has been recruitment – making sure that providers can find the right people for the job. As part of the commitments to social care, the Government has announced that they will be assisting with a nationwide recruitment drive to encourage more people to become care workers.

This ties in with the work we’re doing at SureCare, as we aim to create over 1,000 new care jobs all over the UK. Through local and national advertising campaigns – as well as social media – we hope to attract people with the determination and compassion to join us in providing the very best personal home care and support to thousands of our clients.

The ideal candidates for the job would be those looking to support those in need within their local community. Previous experience isn’t a necessity as full training and support is given, and care workers are kept up-to-date on official advice and correct infection control procedures. This allows us to ensure that the quality of care given by our staff lives up to SureCare’s impressive standards up and down the country.

In these uncertain times, we understand that many people in social care are concerned about the health and safety of both themselves and the people they care for. This is why SureCare is committed to ensuring that essential protective equipment is available to all of our care workers, and we look forward to further information on additional support from the Government.

If you’re looking to make a real difference and help with providing home care for people in your community, speak to your local SureCare branch today. You can also head to our Recruitment site to view a range of job openings in your area.