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How home care continues to help individuals across the country

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Home care has rapidly become one of the most popular service options for people of all ages and abilities who require personal assistance on a regular basis.

In the past, residential and specialist care homes would’ve been the go-to choice for those needing constant personal care. However, the desire to remain in one’s own home is often a massive factor when it comes to receiving care.

That’s why teams of mobile care workers are expanding across communities all over the UK today. SureCare is one of the country’s leading providers of home care, with teams of care experts and social workers operating in more than 50 different locations.

Home care often encompasses a range of different services suited to all sorts of people and situations. Domiciliary care for older people is perhaps the most common thing we think of when we say “home care”, but there are many other forms of home care available too.

Home care services

Domiciliary care and home visits allow social workers to provide assistance with all sorts of daily tasks, from washing and dressing to preparing meals and light housework. This is massively helpful in particular for older people wanting to maintain their independence living at home, but who may struggle from time to time.

Old age isn’t necessarily a requirement to receive assistance, though. Younger adults and even children can benefit from care services in the home, particularly when living with an illness, disability or even recovering from an injury. With services including childcare, disability care and dementia care, service users can receive a specially tailored care package that meets their specific needs.

Additionally, there are no fixed periods in establishing care services. Everyone’s needs are different and some individuals may require more attention than others. Temporary care can be provided for someone still recovering from a stay in hospital, while respite care is also available to offer cover when a regular carer or family member is taking a break.

The highest level of home care on a long-term basis comes in the form of a live-in care service. This allows an individual to receive round-the-clock support from a dedicated care worker who lives in the home with a service user. This is usually most suited to older people or those with complex care requirements. On top of regular care assistance, having a live-in care worker can also provide a constant source of companionship, day or night.

How is it funded?

One of the key concerns people have about finding a suitable home care service comes down to how it may affect them financially. The last thing anybody wants is to have massive money woes on top of an already stressful situation of finding appropriate care.

Checking with your local authority is often a good place to start to find out if your loved one could potentially be eligible to receive some home care funding to help cover the costs. You can also find this out by coming direct to your local SureCare team, who can offer advice and even discuss your needs with you. That way, we can help you to determine what options are available.

We know how stressful and worrying it can be to find the right home care service either for yourself or a loved one. That’s why we at SureCare can give you the support and guidance you need when making such a big decision on the home care you want to receive.

To find out more information about the services available near you, get in touch with your nearest SureCare branch. If we don’t cover your area just yet, you can still contact our Head Office directly to enquire about future home care services where you are.