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How home care from SureCare helps with rest and recovery

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Home care services from SureCare are tailored to offer assistance to people from all walks of life. Over the past year, our care workers have been working hard to help vulnerable people who are shielding from coronavirus and those recovering at home after a stay in hospital.

Now, with the country facing another national lockdown, many people will be very concerned about what it means for receiving support – whether for themselves or for their loved ones. For those relying on vital care services, it can be a worry that they may be unable to receive assistance during the new lockdown.

As essential key workers, SureCare’s teams of care workers across the country are committed to delivering the same exceptional support we’ve always given, no matter the circumstances. Our services are designed to help anyone who needs regular assistance in their daily lives. This includes the elderly, adults with physical or learning difficulties, or those who are clinically vulnerable at this time.

How SureCare has responded to the pandemic

We’ve adapted over the past year to ensure our care teams operate to the strictest of health and safety measures. This allows us to continue providing quality care services to people in the comfort of their own homes, whilst keeping both our service users and our staff protected from coronavirus.

Alongside rigorous hygiene protocols, care workers utilise antibacterial hand sanitisers and a range of protective equipment like gloves, gowns and face coverings. In carrying out domestic tasks around the home, we take extra care to keep surfaces clean and safe with disinfectants.

All of this aims to bring you and your loved ones peace of mind that they can still receive close personal care under the current circumstances. But home care services aren’t just helping people’s lives under pandemic conditions. There are greater long-term benefits to home care that will continue in the future, when things begin to start returning to some kind of normal.

The advantages of home care

Home care services provide a lifeline to thousands of people across the country. Whether it’s for an older relative living alone or someone who needs extra assistance around the home, everyone’s situation is unique. Our care teams work in a flexible way to deliver a personalised care package that meets your specific routine and requirements.

Typically we cover personal support and domestic jobs about the home. A care worker can assist you with getting washed, dressed, and administering medications. On the domestic side, cleaning, preparing meals and doing laundry are all common tasks we’re happy to lend a hand with.

In addition to chores at home, our extended range of services mean that we can run errands for you while you remain safe at home. Your care worker will be able to do your weekly shopping, pick up prescriptions and run any other outdoor errands. This is ideal for those shielding at home during lockdown, but can also benefit those with limited mobility when restrictions are eased a bit in future.

To find out more about how SureCare can help you or a loved one with home care services in your area, get in touch with your local care team today. Simply head to our Find A Branch section to find the contact details of your nearest SureCare office.