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Key qualities for a new career in care

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It’s a difficult time for so many people facing job insecurity, furlough and even redundancy. Looking for work and pursuing a new career might feel almost impossible right now, but that’s where the home care sector can provide a lifeline.

No matter what the economic climate looks like, providing care for frail or vulnerable people will always be a necessity. This is particularly the case at present with a strong focus on personal care keeping people safe and well throughout this prominent public health crisis.

For those looking to pursue a new career or help others in their community, home care offers various rewarding job opportunities. SureCare teams across the country are actively on the lookout for hardworking and talented individuals to join them in delivering vital care services at this challenging time and beyond.

What’s more, many care worker roles are entry level with no previous experience working in the care sector required. Full training is given to new recruits to ensure all services are carried out professionally and, importantly at this time, adhere to rigorous safety and hygiene protocols.

Even if you’ve never thought about working in the care sector before, you may already possess the transferrable skills and personality traits that put you in good standing to become a home care worker. Here we look at just some of the key qualities that will help you to embark on a new career in supporting your community.

Friendliness, positivity and a sense of humour

Remote care workers will typically interact with different people from all walks of life. Building relationships with your clients helps them to benefit from a friendly and familiar service. By having a friendly, warm and open presence, you can develop a stronger and more meaningful connection with those you care for.

There will often be times where you’ll face significant challenges. From facing difficult tasks on a daily basis to seeing people dealing with various health conditions, it’s important to maintain a positive frame of mind. Not only will this help you effectively carry out your duties, but it can also put your clients at ease.

Passion, commitment and determination

For many people working in the care sector, providing care is more of a passion than a job. Putting others first and making a real difference in their lives is something that comes naturally. We look for dedicated individuals that share this view, as it’s not typically a role you can just clock off from at the end of the day.

On top of this, the best care workers are those that go above and beyond to help their clients. Whether it’s offering to run an extra errand for someone or listening to stories of their personal history, going the extra mile allows a person receiving care to feel truly valued at all times.

Organisation, timekeeping and flexibility

A typical day for a care worker will involve visiting several different clients, each with their own specific routines and needs around the home. Planning your tasks and your timings in advance is crucial to making sure you deliver an exceptional service to everybody you visit.

No two days are ever truly the same in home care, and a client’s healthcare needs or priorities can alter at the last minute. A flexible approach is often needed to accommodate sudden changes, which might mean working outside of your normal hours or covering a shift for a colleague.

If you’re thinking about taking a new career direction and helping people in your community during the pandemic recovery, take a look at our care roles across the country at

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