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Knowing When Your Loved One Needs Home Care

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How do you know someone needs home care?

Most families reach a point when they know they need to get some help to look after their loved one.

It may be that you suddenly realise that your relative requires constant supervision or perhaps they can no longer carry out routine tasks such as washing and dressing without support.

It is precisely for these reasons and others that home care services exist in the UK and elsewhere in the world.

Just having someone who comes into the home of a loved one to help with their care can be hugely important and help to relieve some of the daily strain.

Home care services can include many things including what is traditionally known as domiciliary care (that could mean help with getting up in the morning or going to bed in the evening, preparation of meals, help with bathing and the taking of medication).

Home care services can also involve taking someone to a social event such as a trip to the cinema or to visit a friend, it can mean carrying out cleaning tasks around a person’s home or it could simply mean sitting with someone to give the family member a well-earned break.

Home care is really important because it can mean the difference between someone being able to continue living in their own home and having to move into residential care.

There is absolutely no shame in asking for help to care for a loved one. In fact, many of our clients regularly tell us what it difference it makes to not only be able to share daily tasks with a trusted care provider, but also to be able to chat through any concerns or questions they may have about their family member and how best to meet their needs.

So if there is someone close to you that you think would benefit from home care, why not contact us to find out more or search for your nearest SureCare.