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Greater support and aids for the hard of hearing

Posted by SureCare on June 14, 2022

The recent news that British Sign Language is set to receive official recognition has put the spotlight on how difficult […]


SureCare providers receive top home care award once again!

Posted by SureCare on May 18, 2022

It’s joy and smiles all round for three of SureCare’s dedicated home care teams across the country, as once […]


Aphasia: what it is and how to treat it

Posted by SureCare on May 12, 2022

Aphasia is a rare condition that the majority of people know very little about. However, the spotlight has turned to […]


Spot the signs of dementia early on

Posted by SureCare on April 25, 2022

Dementia is one of the cruellest conditions any of us may come across in our lives. Like most other diseases, […]


SureCare provides more than just home care

Posted by SureCare on March 17, 2022

No two people are the same. The care needs of individuals will differ from one another based on various factors, […]


The positive aspects of growing older

Posted by SureCare on February 22, 2022

Getting older is something that happens to all of us, as much as we may try to hide from it! […]


A new career in care for the New Year

Posted by SureCare on January 20, 2022

For many people, January can be a time of reflection and taking stock of everything going on in our lives. […]


Staying warm and cosy over Christmas

Posted by SureCare on December 10, 2021

With Christmas just a few weeks away, the long nights have settled in and temperatures have dropped. It’s important to […]


Practical ways to improve your carbon footprint at home

Posted by SureCare on November 10, 2021

Every day our society is becoming more and more environmentally conscious, with the focus firmly on the climate change conference […]

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