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Taking care of our mental health during the lockdown

Posted by SureCare on May 12, 2020

Right across the UK, we’ve been observing lockdown measures for seven weeks now. While recent signs indicate that the spread […]


Government pushes for greater support and recruitment in the care sector

Posted by SureCare on April 21, 2020

Following the latest daily updates from the Government, SureCare is pleased to see the spotlight shining on social care workers […]


How to cope with social distancing

Posted by SureCare on April 06, 2020

For the vast majority of people across the country, it feels like the whole world has turned upside-down very quickly. […]


Announcement to SureCare clients regarding coronavirus

Posted by SureCare on March 13, 2020

Earlier this month, we touched upon the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus and how to prevent and deal with […]


What to do about the coronavirus

Posted by SureCare on March 06, 2020

The rapid spread of coronavirus over the last month or so has become a great concern for many people. However, […]


Care for those living with fibromyalgia

Posted by SureCare on February 12, 2020

Some cases of fibromyalgia can be more severe than others. This means that while some people may feel able to […]


Keeping fit and mobile in later life

Posted by SureCare on January 30, 2020

As we age, our physical limitations can often prevent us staying as active as we perhaps once were. But having […]


Preparing a home care or live-in care plan

Posted by SureCare on January 22, 2020

Receiving care services at home for the first time can feel like quite a big step. Whether it’s for yourself […]


How home care continues to help individuals across the country

Posted by SureCare on November 25, 2019

Home care has rapidly become one of the most popular service options for people of all ages and abilities who […]

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