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SureCare’s range of additional services beyond personal care

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As one of the country’s leading providers of home care, there’s often a misconception that we only carry out personal care for the elderly. However, SureCare can assist people from all walks of life with a flexible range of additional household services to help make life easier.

Not everyone requires home care visits or round-the-clock live-in care, but there are many people who could benefit from an extra pair of capable hands every now and then. For example, an older person living alone or somebody with restricted mobility may find it a struggle to carry out general household tasks or run errands. This is where SureCare’s expansive Home Services can offer a helping hand.

Under the current circumstances, community spirit has been thriving in local areas up and down the country. Volunteers and caregivers have reached out to provide extra help and support to one another for all sorts of reasons. Here at SureCare, we’ve carried out various non-regulated services for more than 25 years. By going above and beyond for our service users, we set ourselves apart from other care providers.

Available home services from SureCare

Where home care largely focuses on the wellbeing of an individual, our home services are designed to assist around the household. We can assist with general domestic tasks like dusting, vacuuming, washing the dishes and emptying the bins. Ultimately, we aim to help out with any task that may be a struggle for you or your loved ones to carry out on a regular basis.

Occasionally you may need help with carrying out small DIY tasks around the home, like changing a light bulb or replacing the batteries in a smoke alarm. For larger maintenance when you need to let a plumber or engineer into your home, having a friendly and familiar member of the SureCare team present to supervise the work can give you peace of mind and help you feel comfortable.

We also know it can be difficult for vulnerable people to leave the home, especially given the present situation. However, shopping and running errands are often vital parts of an individual’s daily life. Our care teams can step in and do the legwork when it comes to the weekly shop, picking up prescriptions or collecting your clothes from the laundrette.

There are many ways we can assist you and your loved ones with daily domestic tasks and errands. We’re always happy to talk about specific requests to expand on our range of home services. If you need assistance with something we haven’t mentioned above, feel free to just ask and we’ll endeavour to offer our support wherever possible.

Want to find out more about our home services and how we can help you? Simply speak to your nearest SureCare branch today and let’s discuss your daily needs and requirements.