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The diversity of SureCare’s respite care services

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Respite care services from SureCare offer a practical solution for those requiring exceptional care for their loved ones on a temporary basis. As one of our most diverse services, they are useful for lots of different people in a range of different situation.

Generally when you think about home care services, you might tend to think of a regular care worker making 15-minute visits to the home of an elderly person. However, different people up and down the country will have different care requirements, so it’s not really practical to take the same approach to all service users.

At SureCare, we offer respite care services across the country to help support people in a variety of different ways. We know that no two situations are ever exactly the same, which is why our respite service is highly flexible and can be utilised to meet various demands.

Temporary cover for family carer

Many people take it upon themselves to provide care for their loved ones, whether they’re a family member, a close friend or a neighbour. While it’s often a labour of love, this can become quite draining over time. It’s important to recognise when you’re finding things tough and it’s okay to admit when you need a bit of extra help.

Our respite care service can provide you with a temporary solution, allowing you as a regular carer to have a break. Whether you need to spend a day catching up on errands or take a week-long holiday, one of our professional care workers can step in to fill the gap. We work with you beforehand to discuss specific needs and routines so we can ensure your loved one receives the same care as they normally would in your absence.

Staffing solutions for care homes

SureCare’s primary focus is to provide quality care services to people in their own homes. However, there may also be times when residential care settings need a helping hand too. Staff shortages can occur for all sorts of reasons – from a handful of sick days to planned holidays or maternity leave – and it is here we can offer our support.

SureCare operates teams of professionally trained care workers nationwide, all dedicated to supporting their local communities. As fully experienced care workers, our temporary respite cover is the ideal solution for local care homes where extra assistance may be necessary.

Recruitment across the country

It’s not just service users and care home operators who can benefit from SureCare’s respite services. The past year or so has been difficult for people who have been placed on furlough or even made redundant. Many may have found themselves using this situation as a fresh start, to ponder a new direction in their careers.

With home care services consistently in high demand, SureCare is welcoming new recruits looking to help make a real difference in people’s lives through respite care services. Professional training is given so previous experience isn’t necessarily required. Instead, transferable skills like friendliness, compassion, punctuality and attention to detail are all desirable qualities for the job at hand.

To discuss your respite care requirements in more detail, or to find out more about potential job opportunities as a care worker, get in touch with your nearest SureCare team here. Alternatively, you can email our Head Office with any queries at and one of our friendly team will get back to you as soon as possible.