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Tips for people living with long-term health conditions

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Over the last 18 months, there has been more awareness of those amongst us with long-term health conditions. Here we think about how those affected can continue to get the most out of life, despite the challenges we face.

The impact of COVID-19 has caused many people with existing health concerns to consider shielding. This has meant staying at home and restricting contact with loved ones for many months to reduce the risk of catching the virus.

Long-standing conditions, particularly those relating to the lungs or heart, can be seriously compounded by the threat of COVID-19. While the mass vaccination programme has allowed many people to boost their chances of fighting off coronavirus if they get it, it’s still important for the most vulnerable members of society to exercise caution.

In that respect, how do those with long-term health conditions regain control of their lives in the Covid era?

Communication – Shielding doesn’t have to mean complete isolation. Use technology to stay in regular conversation with loved ones and talk about how you’re feeling day to day. You may even wish to nominate a trusted individual to visit in person, provided they take the necessary precautions.

Prepare for medical appointments – Inevitably, there will be times you’ll need a health check-up. If you can’t get a doctor to visit you at home, going out to see you GP may well be a nerve-wracking experience. There are many things you can do to reduce anxieties over being out and about, like wearing a face covering, using hand sanitiser and maintaining social distance.

Don’t be afraid to seek help – Regaining a sense of independence after so long will come as a much-welcomed boost to your mental health. It can feel quite overwhelming to suddenly do things on your own, though, and it may take some time to find your feet again. Remember that seeking help or assistance from close loved ones doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing any of your independence, but easing yourself back into normal life.

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