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Why choose live-in care from SureCare?

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Finding the right care package for yourself or a loved one can often be a difficult task. For those in need of round-the-clock care that just can’t be covered by daily visits, live-in care offers a comprehensive and dedicated solution.

More and more people are living longer and we’re more likely to need a bit of assistance in our daily lives as we get older. For many, this could mean short visits to help with tasks around the home. But for others, constant and complex care needs may require a more dedicated, full-time solution.

In the past, those requiring round-the-clock care have faced limited options. They have either had to rely on informal care from family members and close friends, or consider moving into a care home. However, in recent years, live-in care services have become established as a new alternative.

What is live-in care?

With a live-in care service, a person can benefit from dedicated support at any time, day or night. Unlike the care received in a retirement home, a live-in carer provides one-on-one assistance in your own home, allowing you or your loved one to maintain your freedom and independence in your own familiar environment.

A fully trained care worker will live with you in your home for a set period, to help you with your daily routine, household chores, and to be on hand for any emergencies. This combination of personal and household care allows you to relax in the knowledge that daily jobs, big or small, will be taken care of whenever you need them.

Personal care includes washing, bathing and dressing, as well as assisting with medication and any other special requirements you may have. Additionally, your carer will look after household tasks like preparing meals, doing the laundry and cleaning. They can also assist with shopping and other outdoor errands, such as accompanying you on hospital appointments.

As a constant presence in your home, a live-in care worker doesn’t just cover care needs, jobs and chores. They also become a regular companion for you in your household. In amongst the daily tasks, there will be moments where your care worker will be able to just sit with you and have a chat over a cup of tea.

Having this constant companionship helps to combat loneliness for those who would otherwise be living alone, especially at this time of social distancing restrictions. Sharing your home with a live-in care worker means that they also effectively become a member of your household “bubble”, so they will be able to deliver personal care easily and safely.

For more detailed information on a live-in care service from SureCare, visit our Live-in Care page or get in touch with your local branch.