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We’re rated one of the Top 20 home care providers in North West England

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SureCare Central Cheshire has won the award for being one of the Top 20 home care providers in North West England.

There are 969 home care providers in North West England.

The top 20 home care providers in North West England received an award from the leading reviews site for home care

The award was based on the home care provider’s reviews from the people they care for, plus their friends and relatives.

Amanda Hopkins, reviews manager of, said:

“High quality home care is crucial as it enables people to stay living in their own homes and keep their independence, with their home care worker often becoming their friend and companion as well as their lifeline to the outside world.

“During the pandemic, their contribution has been invaluable as many vulnerable and elderly people have been forced to self-isolate and to some of these, care workers have been their only link with the rest of society. They have also been able to bring people living at home, food and the medication they desperately need.

“Our reviews are by those receiving home care as well as their family and friends. This helps people to search for the right care home provider, where compassion, trust and dignity are paramount.

“SureCare Central Cheshire has shown that it provides care that is of excellent quality and we would like to congratulate it on being one of the top home care providers in North West England!

“Looking for the right home care provider can be time-consuming and arduous. We hope our awards help to make people’s search that little bit easier.”

Owners of SureCare Central Cheshire Tina Jones and Kirstie Hercules said:

“When setting up our homecare company, only 16 months ago, we said that we had two simple aims – to provide high quality care to our clients and to build a company that staff were proud to be a part of.

“Reading our client reviews on shows how we have achieved our first aim and the following quote from one of our team members shows how we have achieved the other. We will continue to build our company across Crewe, Nantwich and the surrounding rural villages, providing only the highest levels of care and continuing to offer superb care role opportunities to local people in a company where they can gain experience and grow with us.”

Kimberlee, one of the care team members said: “Working with SureCare as a first time carer has been one of the most amazing and rewarding experiences. I have learnt so much with the help of the amazing management and working with wonderful team members. The clients smiles when we come in to assist them with care tasks and the ones who just enjoy the company and a good chat over a cup of tea is really a feeling beyond heart-warming. Being a carer is more than completing tasks some struggle with, it’s a big family where we share everything from the warm hugs and tears to the belly laughs. I always knew from starting that our team would achieve greatness and go far, as we have nothing but love for what we do.”

To see SureCare Central Cheshire’s reviews, go to

Qintil, which is a complete learning and compliance management system for home care providers with thousands of training courses, video classroom and document management features, is sponsoring the awards.

Sam Easen, director of Qintil, said: “Qintil was created for the care sector and we’re proud that so many incredible health and care professionals and their employers use Qintil everyday to learn and maintain skills and manage training and compliance. We are delighted to sponsor the 2020 Awards and to help acknowledge the incredible work of everyone in the sector.”

Please follow this link for the full list of winners: