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Additional help with domestic tasks around the home

At SureCare, we like to go above and beyond to set our service apart from other care providers. That’s why one of the most exciting aspects of SureCare is our diverse range of Home Services. These are available as a standalone service or can be included as part of any personal home care package.

Home services allow our care workers to offer a helping hand for various household tasks that some individuals may struggle with. Our services are tailored to you and your unique situation, so you can rely on us for as much or as little extra support as you need.

What are home services?

In cases where a person may have limited mobility, even the most basic of household chores can feel like a massive challenge. At SureCare, we’re dedicated to relieving the pressure from you however we can. Our care teams are ready and raring to offer an extra helping hand wherever you need it.

Our home services, sometimes referred to as unregulated services, support you with tasks around the home or even out and about. From basic household maintenance to running errands on your behalf, these additional services are designed to support you and your loved ones in your daily lives.

Unregulated services allow SureCare teams across the country to provide practical assistance that is separate from a personal care service. All of our care packages are individually tailored to your circumstances, allowing you to rely on us for as much support as you need whilst living in your own home.

Our development of home services came about after taking on board feedback from clients and their friends and families. Since then, we’ve been providing assistance for a variety of domestic tasks to help with differing living situations. From older people continuing their independent living, to busy parents trying to maintain a healthy work/life balance, we’ve got you covered.


SureCare’s range of services that can help

Light housekeeping
Our general services include basic household maintenance like dusting, vacuuming and emptying the bins.

Laundry and ironing
We can help to keep your clothes and linen clean and fresh by sorting the washing at home or picking it up from a launderette.

Whether mowing the lawn or tending to plants and flowers, we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty and keep your garden looking tidy.

Handyman services
We’re capable of helping out with any basic DIY needs around the home, such as replacing light bulbs or changing batteries in your smoke alarms.

We can accompany an individual on a trip to the supermarket to assist with the weekly shop, or alternatively do your shopping for you.

Running errands
It’s often easier for one of our team to run small errands for you, like picking up your prescriptions from the pharmacy, collecting your dry cleaning or walking the dog.

Supervising home deliveries and maintenance
A familiar face can be present for times when you may be expecting a delivery or to accompany you whilst you have a maintenance worker in your home.

Other services
Whether around the home or out and about, we’re always ready to help you to manage your daily tasks in whatever way we can.

If there are any other services that you require that is not listed above, please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements. We strongly encourage our customers to discuss any suggestions or other feedback on services with us.

We are continually working to improve, develop and expand our range of home services to support more and more people across the country. That’s why we’re happy to listen to you about your specific needs and we’ll do our best to support you however we can.


All SureCare staff go through a rigorous vetting and recruitment process, including an enhanced DBS check to give you further peace of mind.


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"I have nothing but praise for the care that S has been given and the tenderness extended to me, they have even given me a shoulder to cry on."

Mrs W, Preston

"Having this care helps my wife engage in mentally stimulating activities and interact with friends and family. Excellent service provided which we highly recommend."

J. Waring, Chester