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Remaining positive as we become older

Posted by SureCare on September 26, 2018

It’s only natural that each and every one of us will age. As we journey further through life, both our […]


How transferable skills can help you to find a career in care

Posted by SureCare on August 16, 2018

Many people often consider pursuing a career in care, but worry that a lack of relevant experience may hold them […]


Caring for somebody living with arthritis

Posted by SureCare on August 08, 2018

Every year, around 10 million people in the UK visit their GPs with symptoms of arthritis, making it one of […]


Monitoring our eyes and ears in old age

Posted by SureCare on July 16, 2018

As we get older, our senses of sight and hearing may naturally deteriorate, making daily life a bit harder. Maintaining […]


Tips for coping with the hot weather

Posted by SureCare on July 06, 2018

It can’t have escaped your attention that the UK is currently in the middle of a massive heatwave! Whilst many […]


How personal alarms can benefit older people

Posted by SureCare on June 27, 2018

Recent statistics suggest that around one in three over-65s will suffer at least one fall a year. On top of […]


Improving memory as we get older

Posted by SureCare on June 12, 2018

It’s natural that many of us may experience a decline in our ability to remember things over time. To look […]


Tips for care workers to cope with stress

Posted by SureCare on May 29, 2018

Earlier this month, Mental Health Awareness Week took place, focusing on the theme of stress. Many of us have been […]


Helping older relatives to stay safe online

Posted by SureCare on May 16, 2018

The internet has become such a vital part of everyday life now, it’s extremely difficult to get away from it. […]

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