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At SureCare, we’re committed to providing exceptional care services for all stages of life’s journey.

What are the aims of the service provided?

We aim to work in partnership with you and your family or friends to provide you with care of the highest quality. SureCare will endeavour to promote optimum independence within the framework of the essential values of daily living. We are committed to equal opportunities and providing quality, cost effective care.

SureCare will facilitate:

  • Choice for all our Customers in all areas of care planning.
  • Maximum independence to allow Customers to achieve their maximum potential, whilst maintaining their individuality.
  • The opportunity for Customers to express their own feelings and wishes through direct contact or by means of advocacy.
  • The supply of a reliable and efficient service to the Customers.
  • The provision of continuity with respect to the care provided in order to enhance directly the quality of care.
  • An atmosphere of respect whereby the rights and values of Customers and providers are not discriminated against.

What are the objectives of the service provided?

The principle objective of SureCare is to provide competent, capable and suitably trained care workers to enable Customers to have sufficient support to remain safely in their own home. In order to meet these criteria, all our care staff will be provided with appropriate training and as far as possible will be compatibly matched with Customers.

Customers are encouraged to exercise personal choice and should be involved in any decisions made regarding their care.

Employees of SureCare must always respect the dignity and values of all Customers, as well as their right to confidentiality. The health and safety of both Customers and care workers must be safeguarded at all times. Training in all areas of Health and Safety will be provided for all staff and regular risk assessments carried out.

What can I expect to get from SureCare?

A full need assessment will be carried out by a representative from SureCare in order to be sure that the appropriate care can be provided safely. This assessment will then be used to formulate a flexible, consistent and reliable care plan based upon your needs. From this we will be able to outline plans for the effective delivery of your care. This will of course take into account your own wishes and preferences. This will be reviewed at least once a year or more frequently if required.